Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rebranding BDPollution to 4MATTERS

To all my readers, followers, advertisers, guest writers,  I have been planning to rebrand for a very long time. BDPollution was created in 2005 with a strong focus and I feel the name is not getting traction. Its been now almost 8 years and I feel its time the blog gets a new brand, a new look. All of my previous posts will remain the same, just the name has changed. BDPollution is now

4MATTERS with its new tag line Heart. Optimistic. Passionate. Enthusiastic. or in other words H.O.P.E. I would love to see the blog take newer heights and expect the new look to take it there. It will have majority content from Bangladesh and will cover the regular international news, reviews, products and services.

From the Editor of BDPollution and now 4MATTERS.